Far Infrared Mineral Therapy Healing Lamp

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Healing LampThe benefits of using the Far Infrared Mineral Therapy Healing Lamp are wide and varied. It's amazing how much can be treated and so quickly with this healing lamp. Here are just a few of the benefits.

    •    Improves blood flow
    •    Faster decomposition of unstable cells
    •    Higher white blood cell function
    •    Increase immune response
    •    Over 30 million people worldwide using FIM treatment
    •    Helps calorie consuption and weight control
    •    Releives pain
    •    Helps blood circulation
    •    Improves skin health
    •    Slows down aging of skin and near surface elements
    •    Totally portable, wheels on floor stand model
    •    Can help with treatement of diseases like cancer and Diabetes.
    •    Clinically proven and tested. Find out more
    •    Awards for innovation when first developed.
    •    Long life and easily maintained